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Yesterday we talked about optimizing content delivery, on the server side. Now let’s take a look at the content itself.


In some years there’s gonna be a remastered edition of Homestuck that has new music and stuff and uses this sort of formatting instead of the inefficient one it has now, and the fandom is gonna be split in half with the purists that say that the old way is better because it’s the OLD WAY

even though there’s no visual difference…

Y0u can’t just t0ss 0ut the p0ssibility 0f s0me0ne using s0mething 0ther than y0ur sacred g00gle chr0me just because y0u can’t be arsed, and still call y0urself a web designer. Y0u’re breaking 0ne 0f the fundamental rules. If y0u realise this, that’s alright, but I’m simply p0inting 0ut 0ne 0f the many reas0ns I d0n’t like m0st chr0me users.

Firef0x web designers have always taken 0ther br0wsers int0 acc0unt. Chr0me users think they’re ab0ve Firef0x users and they need t0 cut 0ut the elitism; Firef0x and chr0me are the same 0n m0st levels and quite frankly it isn’t very p0lite telling a nice p0rti0n 0f the internet t0 fuck 0ff just because y0u g0t t00 lazy t0 right-click y0ur HTML file and select “0pen with > firef0x” and “0pen with > internet expl0rer” just t0 investigate the issue s0 y0u can inf0rm them bef0rehand “0h this l00ks slightly different in firef0x 0r IE but that wasn’t the purp0se 0f this exercise, please ign0re that”.

I’m fully aware that table lay0uts are frustrating cr0ss-br0wser as I w0rked with them f0r many years t0 much frustrati0n particularly 0n the side 0f IE, which at the time made up m0re than half 0f m0st internet users, s0 I had t0 acc0unt f0r them when designing, but that really isn’t an excuse. And t0 n0t acc0unt f0r firef0x users n0w, when it is usually s0 fucking similar t0 chr0me that it takes tw0 sec0nds t0 check?

And f0r the rec0rd the margin at the very t0p 0f pesterl0g1.html is different in firef0x 11 than it is f0r the sec0nd file. N0t that it really matters.

Man I hate it when someone reblogs a long complicated post just to misinterpret some point and blow it wildly out of proportion. What kind of asshole would do that?

Seriously now, folks. Firefox is my primary browser, and has been for years, mostly because, due to it not being made by the largest advertising company in the world means its adblock support is much better. The latest alpha of Chrome was the development target of this experiment simply because of its vastly superior dev tools.

Not sure where you’re getting the “same on most levels”: the UI of both browsers is more or less identical, but there’s some pretty big differences between KHTML/WebKit and Gecko.

I also don’t know why you assume I’m using Windows. And while the history lesson is helpful, I’m a couple years older than you, so it’s a little redundant.

Also, you’re doing Aradia’s quirk wrong. Wait, hold on,

I type m0st 0f my p0sts with 0’s instead 0f O’s because this keyb0ard has a br0ken O key.

There’s about a billion different ways to remap keys on Windows, (besides “spending $5 on a new keyboard”) and one of them is SharpKeys. Rebind one of the redundant numpad keys to O, you look like an idiot when you’re attempting to discuss technical matters like a fantroll.

Content column’s a little narrow, there.

<div style='width: 394px; height: 772px; background-position: bottom; background-image: url(http://i.imgur.com/PRgPq.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat'></div>
<div style='position:absolute; left:10px; top:3px; width: 580px; background-color: #171717; border: 1px solid #171717'>
<div style='width: 575px'></div>
<div style="width: 575px; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 12px; color: #a15000; text-align: left; border: 2px solid #171717">

Not a fan of CSS classes, are you?

What’s that info box look like without anything flowing over it?

Ah. Hmm.


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