Further adventures with dev tools


Finally I am setup rather decently for this task. I still need a proper computer station and a storage array but for the most part my office is finally built.

With relationship to Sister Claire, as we are about to open up a print shore that will hopefully encompass several other comics in time I will be basing operations out of here, my entire living room will be the headquarters of this wonderful operation, unless you folks are buying 150prints a day this is more then ample for operations as I’m a block away from a post office and have several rooms for storage.

If there are any requests for art of something already drawn, i.e old works of Yamino, or a certain print of a page then please forward them to Tautologically@gmail.com

In the coming weeks we also hope to implement a forum, which is currently on hold until I get moderation in place (i.e me buying monitors so I can set one to auto refresh it).

On the note of recent changes to the site we have sped up page loading but making the site run more efficiently, ad’s have also increased, while there may be more then before we will never run a video/sound/full popout ad, worst your gonna get is gifs, and I try to keep those down so they just clip the page to load.

Really, now.

Twelve seconds and 196 requests is not what I’d call “blazing fast”. Let’s look at how many javascript files it loads:

29 javascript files, 2 flash ads. What do you think, audit tab?

Ouch. How about page score?

If this is the fast version, then I’d hate to see the slow one.

UPDATE: Antares objected to my greenfield pageload number, so here’s one with the disk cache populated:

And immediately after that, when I hit refresh:

Starts rendering at 1.57s, fires the onload event at 5.69s, and the ads finally stagger in at 13.94 seconds.

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    Really, now. Twelve seconds and 196 requests is not what I’d call “blazing fast”. Let’s look at how many javascript...
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